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Quantum simply cell Anti Mouse IgG | 752-BLI815B-5

For Quantitative Flow Cytometry. The Quantum Simply Cellular microbeads use flow cytometry to measure the quantity of cell surface antigen molecules in Antibody Binding Capacity (ABC) units. ABC is the number of antibodies bound per cell or microbead. These microbeads are designed for direct or indirect assays which use fluorescent labeled mouse primary antibody or fluorescent-labeled anti-mouse secondary antibody.
Four populations of microbeads (approximately the size of lymphocytes) are produced to bind defined, incremental amounts of mouse immunoglobulin. A non-binding microbead population serves as negative control by indicating the detection limit of the cytometer. Microbeads bind staining reagents through covalently-
bound, polyclonal anti-mouse immunoglobulins. This antibody has equivalent reactivity to each mouse isotype (IgG1, IgG2a and IgG2b).
A QuickCal Disk is supplied with every kit, which contains serial numbered folders holding lot specific information (i.e., kit name, assigned calibration values, lot numbers, expiration date). The encrypted information contained in this diskette can be read with the QuickCal v2.1 executable program (sold separately, Stock No. QCAL-10) to generate calibration plots, calculate instrument performance parameters and determine the fluorescence intensity of samples in MESF units of PE.

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Quantum Simply Cellular is a trademark of Flow Cytometry Standards Corp.
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100 µg
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