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Anti-Digoxigenin Coated Magnetic Particles | 07-DIGMS-20-2

The SPHERO Coated Particles are prepared either by passive adsorption or covalent coupling depending upon the intended applications.

The avidin and biotin coated particles are prepared by covalent coupling. The antibody coated polystyrene particles are prepared using passive adsorption, yet they are stable for several years.

The coated polystyrene particles from Spherotech can be used in a variety of applications. The Protein A coated polystyrene particles have been used for binding to IgG from human, mouse and rabbit serum. Glutathione coated polystyrene particles have been used for detecting the GST fusion proteins by flow cytometry.

Magnetic particles coated with Avidin Streptavidin, Biotin, Protein A and various antibodies are available. All proteins are covalently coupled to the magnetic particles.

The coated magnetic particles are supplied as a suspension in phosphate buffer, pH 7.4 with 0.02% sodium azide (some products also contain 0.1% BSA) . Please refer to SpheroTECHNICAL Notes-1 (STN-1) for more detailed technical information and coating.

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